Tom Marprawno Riddle or Voldeprawn was born to Tom Riddle Senior and Merope Prawnt in Little Hangleton.

Voldeprawn at his peak. Thus, the white stream.

When he was eleven, he was admitted to Prawnwarts School of Prawncraft and Prawnry, where he was learned in the arts of magic. As he grew older, his magic grew stronger and he was soon the master of Prawn Eaters. He was quite a non-gentleman and he went around killing prawns for the lolz. He then took up the name Voldeprawn so he sounded cooler.

At his peak in the Second Prawning War, Voldeprawn was defeated by the young prawnzard Harry Prawnter. He neither lived nor died, so he went to prawnbo, where he sat eating prawns for the rest of eternity.

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