Acceleration - Increase of speed or velocity.

Crash Test - A crash test is a form of destructive testing.

Data Logger - A device that records data over time.

Deceleration - A decrease in rate of change.

Displacement - The moving of something from its place or position.

Distance - An amount of space between two things.

Efficiency - The state or quality of being efficient.

Elastic - Able to resume its normal shape spontaneously.

Energy - The strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.

Force - Energy as an attribute of physical movement

Gravity - The force that attracts a smaller object to a larger object.

Inertia - A property of matter by which it continues its trajectory.

Joule - A unit of energy.

Kinetic - Resulting from motion.

Motion - The action of being moved.

Newton - A unit of force.

Potential - Having the capacity to develop into something in the future.

Power - To supply an object with energy.

Reaction - A person's ability to respond to stimuli.

Retardation - A decrease in the rate of change.

Rocket - A projectile that can be propelled to great height or distance.

Scalar - Having only magnitude not direction.

Speed - Distance over MoTime

Ticker Timer - A device used to measure the distance travelled between objects travelling a constant speed.

Vector - Having direction as well as magnitude.

Watts - A unit of power.

Weight - A body's relative mass.

Work - Using physical effort to achieve a purpose.

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