The legendary Prawn Cake - Rumoured to be inedible.

Prawn cakes are what the some hipster kids eat in their lunch breaks. It's made of prawns and cake. If you want to make it, buy a cake and add some prawn to the top, but it'll cost money. It tastes a bit strange, because prawns and cake aren't meant to be mixed. Actually, don't eat it, because scientists have proved that you can actually die from eating cake by choking on it. It gets all stuck in your throat because you want to eat it all in one go because it looks tasty but this only happens in the rarest of cases. It's not even tasty, a person made that up so you end up eating something incredibly disgusting. So, in conclusion, cakes are dangerous, and four people die each year from cake-related injuries. Please, for god's sake, whoever made the cake you're a douche and anyone who is actually reading this I do warn you do not attempt to eat this food.
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